For A very Serious Note to Mom- Read your Bible Daily

Read Your Bible Daily

Read Your Bible Daily

Today marks another great year in History that we can all learn from the Holy Scripture about A most important Event in History- Jesus and His disciples were gathered around a very intimate night for remembrance, and this Occasion all of Jehovah’s witnesses of the earth gather to be invited- Thank you to a Faithful and Discreet Slave , yes, this slave, who willingly does the deeds chosen by God and the remnant of followers. Nissan 14 was a great day in History to remember Jesus a great Teacher ; a truth seeker; a vivid spokesman to what all mankind has seen from the birth of our own Mothers- This @ last a generation, a great day.

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The Hitler Tea Pot – Now – With a Bell.

The Hitler Tea Pot is Still Around;  and on Sale-  Now

The Hitler Tea Pot is Still Around; and on Sale- Now

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Heads Will Roll- Another Bad Toy Idea

Heads and Hips Will roll

Heads and Hips Will roll

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Worst Toy – Ever

Worst Marketing- Bad Idea altogether- Someone can't find their head on this one.

Worst Marketing- Bad Idea altogether- Someone can’t find their head on this one.

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Start Your Baby Out Slow


Try starting out your baby Slow when choosing their Picante Sauce.

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the obvious

I changed my mind- LINKEDIN is now becoming a STONE in my SHOE- Ich änderte meine Geist-LINKEDIN wird jetzt ein Stein in meiner SHOE- 私はLinkedInのは、今私の靴の中STONEになってきている私のmind-を変更- 我改變了我的mind- LinkedIn的石頭現在已經成為在我的鞋-BYE BYE- バイバイ- 再見

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My Continued Commentary on Baby names

I am almost through with baby names since i never got good replies on my list- Yea- One of the names was ‘Fondue’- but I was really thinking donuts of chocolate, not chocolate donuts @ the time

Ya know when you really think about it- ‘Lotion’ would be pretty good baby name, too.

I could get real gear-head and name my baby – ‘Mechanic’

No Honey- “Maid’ would be too cruel on the child….er uh Mayde, Mied, mayied… more to follow….

Please never name your child- ‘Gimp’

Damn, ‘Remote Control’ has way too many syllables……..uh……RC! get over here, and pick up that lego off the floor

Hey- Dodger! Feed the pups, now! Los Angeles Dodgers

I think I wanna name my baby after a boat brand…or cigarettes naw I quit drinkin and smokin so….er uh

Hey ELLGY, can yo go get me a beer , honey, please…..

Golfball;Pinball, anything that has a cool appliance name……

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This is a Reminder to Write a Thank You Note to the Boy Scouts.

REMINDER: Send letter of thanks to troop 137, 217 of the Boy Scouts of America .RE: Recent Jamboree and antics- Camp Wana Wana Tobago,TN To: staff, et. al.

Thank you for a great host and Jamboree last summer. Why, who would have knew to look before using toilet paper with fishing line! And when you, and if ever you guys have been fed Dave’s Insanity Sauce with your meatloaf; that Dave, oh, you’ll know for sure , that he needs some therapy, not a sauce factory, haha Good one. By the way, when “Shorty” (troop 4) accidentally spilled some on my legs, the Doc said he is giving me a special clinical trial cream for the second degree burns, tell “Shorty” not to cry anymore….I’m OK.

I also had fun with you guys testing me on how to swim in that cool quicksand pit you guys set up- Wowo! I thought I was done!.(Thank you troop 217, for standing by watching the activity, and then decide to hep) By the way Oagie, That was me that put that Rotten egg in your armpit and we all laughed when you and Charlie woke up and the Pups were licking all that honey and chicken feathers off of you.

Tell Moose (troop 137) it is OK , too, everyone get’s hung upside down every now and then, and to quit crying in a letter to his mom, because we used padding this time, thanks to one of the parents working @ the Mental health center, and a rigger that is a roadie wannabe for Clint Black. It didn’t take you no time getting the gelatin bag out of your shoes, did it?- That stuff is funky after you use it.

Thank you again guys for hosting the fun, I will get you back, er ah get back @ you soon, exclusively mine, er ah yours

signed ,

Hippo Butt

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Summary- Everyone knew Pat; everyone didn’t know Pat was late; it was unusual for Pat to be late, everyone wanted to know where Pat was- I can only summarize in so many characters with this headline in parts, how my second grade class DAY was @ one time with the use of the word, “THAWTHIDGE”.

He was my best friend- So what if his mom made me take off my shoes @ the entrance; so what if he told on me, about stupid stuff, when he wanted me to leave- I didn’t want fish heads and rice anyway- Where was he? Class is getting ready to start.

Me and Pat had that angle every day, since Penny, the goons daughter, got me good; I still didn’t, quite, get the fill-in-the-blanks color forms, yet; and I didn’t understand the directions, but, Penny told me to just copy off her page; when I turned it into the teacher, she asked if my name was Penny (the goons daughter) Scalisi….I said no….

Since then, me and Pat have been slacking around waiting for all the girls to pick up the toys before class, as we acted like we were doing something, and the girls were doing all the work- a trick that still works today, but, with some embellishments- sometimes, we send noobs in our line of work, to other departments- to ask THEM if there is anything THEY can do….. we all just laugh and laugh @ the other departments.

But no, I got caught, and really had to help pick up the toys this time , and because Pat was not there as back-up, was he sick? Did he get into a horrible wreck and get mangled enough to make it on an episode of Emergency? Even our teacher was wondering, because it wasn’t like Pat -to be late or absent from school- he was Japanese ya know.

Well after the teacher was getting ready, and all the coats and toys were put up, the teacher suddenly looked out the window, and sure enough, for the first time, Pat was almost late, the bell had not officially rang out. Pat was walking in, hurried by his mom from out of the car, and almost gasping with what was still in his mouth. It was, as if everyone in class had a telescope and curiosity if Pat was gonna get away with what -ever it was in his mouth. We all just kept staring….

The teacher NEVER allows gum and we were all kind of still staring @ him almost in slow motion, looking back, with no explanation from Pat as to why he was late, but we all were looking @ a huge bulge coming from Pat’s mouth; the teacher did not see yet – she was writing on the chalkboard.

As the teacher turns around it was Pat and the slobber coming from his mouth that demanded the class’ attention and the teacher finally asking, “Pat, what is THAT in your MOUTH?” Pat’s attempted and slobbering reply was, ” THAWTHIDGE! “, in a voice like he just got caught. We all just could not stop laughing, we went straight to music lessons.

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Your Mom Knows I Love Massachusetts

A commentary from  the following article from The Boston Globe and the recent bad weather-

I don’t know if this is a good thing- But just as Dracula will wake upon the darkness- Go Boston- Tell your Mom I said hello again. And yes- Boston knows I love their mom so shut up! I still will always have my Boston Privileges, because of your mom. Ahhh….She’s probably still hidin that musket in the basement, ya gypsies gaw on. I took your dads last beer that day….Tell your sister I have that ointment for her knees; Doc says she could put it around her neck, too. How’s your uncles mattress ya freak of nature? I picked up your dad from work……….. in the baroom bathroom again; I picked up your dad for work……….. in the baroom bathroom again. Yea?- And your mom wants me to give her that meatloaf recipe, too; But, I am gonna have ta wait till the pool guys are done with her; and it’s really early in the morinin and all that….Tell your mom I need me some new slippers; She could put them next to the cereal this time. And by the way , tell your sisters friends to stop calling me for beer runs ok? The one that keeps calling – I wonder if the grease put HER on, I can’t tell? Your sister was trying to hook me up with that grease pit, but Eddie’s mutt beat me to it, and I am glad, too. Eddie still can’t get detached from her, grease and all, poor guy. And what’s with that skinny poindexter guy? He looks like he just took a lie detector test, Take a bath, man. He better not say one Spock quote….or Yoda, shit.; you people are afraid of clowns? – Say one piece of Gandalf in my house fuckers!-By the way your wife’s mattress is better than your mom’ s couch but, only your uncle is suppose ta know that. Ahh man, don’ t you ever clean the shower, I know you take one, cause of the shit stickin on the shower from you and your brother showerin together; I never saw anybody Gnaw out the bone of a ham like your Brother did that day, dude, no wonder why you guys shower together. I told your sister she had a cock mouth, and damned if she didn’t go and get her that chicken, eh? Next time we go to the strip club, please don’t ask your wife for her tips in front of everybody ok, jerk? I reviewed a restaurant in town recently- Your mom likes it- Tasty Burger 1301 Boylston Street, Boston, MA Google it-– Thanks for taking my Kids there too.

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