I would like to thank…..

……My one reader on this blog and his mom- Of course I don’t know you nor her yet, but, this is not about her right now so don’t be too selfish. No, this is about my plumbing, and sure it could be about her plumbing. And don’t go gettin the idea that I am talking about anything other than REAL dumbfounding, teeth to the grind, gnawing @ the BONE plumbing- I wanted to do it so bad , but now after doing it- I know now why other people(including your mom) would, just go ahead and fork out all those buck on having a plumbing monkey, or in the latter respect, monkeys like us, NOW that know about it. Water heaters are OUR specialty now, because of the amount of water and humble pie, together we had to eat; and let alone the insulation and dirt we breathed for now . NO- numbnuts, I am not going to tell you about the bruises and the mishaps in between- We are PROS now because of the way we’ve been beatin our heads against the wall following the directions and all- The only advice I could give the DIY’er – DON”T ATTEMPT THIS SERVICE- Now you can be rest assured that some Dumb@sses like us hasn’t been doing it for years on end, and now, the new generation of new dumb@sses comes together now, EXCLUSIVE,  to tell you WHY you have to pay what you pay for and all the horror stories associated with it. – H#ll – I should make you pay for the rest of the context – My FREAK ENGLISH professor would reel in his GIMP suit for it. (and his mom)- Thank you new blogger friend. 



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