My Continued Commentary on Baby names

I am almost through with baby names since i never got good replies on my list- Yea- One of the names was ‘Fondue’- but I was really thinking donuts of chocolate, not chocolate donuts @ the time

Ya know when you really think about it- ‘Lotion’ would be pretty good baby name, too.

I could get real gear-head and name my baby – ‘Mechanic’

No Honey- “Maid’ would be too cruel on the child….er uh Mayde, Mied, mayied… more to follow….

Please never name your child- ‘Gimp’

Damn, ‘Remote Control’ has way too many syllables……..uh……RC! get over here, and pick up that lego off the floor

Hey- Dodger! Feed the pups, now! Los Angeles Dodgers

I think I wanna name my baby after a boat brand…or cigarettes naw I quit drinkin and smokin so….er uh

Hey ELLGY, can yo go get me a beer , honey, please…..

Golfball;Pinball, anything that has a cool appliance name……


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