This is a Reminder to Write a Thank You Note to the Boy Scouts.

REMINDER: Send letter of thanks to troop 137, 217 of the Boy Scouts of America .RE: Recent Jamboree and antics- Camp Wana Wana Tobago,TN To: staff, et. al.

Thank you for a great host and Jamboree last summer. Why, who would have knew to look before using toilet paper with fishing line! And when you, and if ever you guys have been fed Dave’s Insanity Sauce with your meatloaf; that Dave, oh, you’ll know for sure , that he needs some therapy, not a sauce factory, haha Good one. By the way, when “Shorty” (troop 4) accidentally spilled some on my legs, the Doc said he is giving me a special clinical trial cream for the second degree burns, tell “Shorty” not to cry anymore….I’m OK.

I also had fun with you guys testing me on how to swim in that cool quicksand pit you guys set up- Wowo! I thought I was done!.(Thank you troop 217, for standing by watching the activity, and then decide to hep) By the way Oagie, That was me that put that Rotten egg in your armpit and we all laughed when you and Charlie woke up and the Pups were licking all that honey and chicken feathers off of you.

Tell Moose (troop 137) it is OK , too, everyone get’s hung upside down every now and then, and to quit crying in a letter to his mom, because we used padding this time, thanks to one of the parents working @ the Mental health center, and a rigger that is a roadie wannabe for Clint Black. It didn’t take you no time getting the gelatin bag out of your shoes, did it?- That stuff is funky after you use it.

Thank you again guys for hosting the fun, I will get you back, er ah get back @ you soon, exclusively mine, er ah yours

signed ,

Hippo Butt


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