Your Mom Knows I Love Massachusetts

A commentary from  the following article from The Boston Globe and the recent bad weather-

I don’t know if this is a good thing- But just as Dracula will wake upon the darkness- Go Boston- Tell your Mom I said hello again. And yes- Boston knows I love their mom so shut up! I still will always have my Boston Privileges, because of your mom. Ahhh….She’s probably still hidin that musket in the basement, ya gypsies gaw on. I took your dads last beer that day….Tell your sister I have that ointment for her knees; Doc says she could put it around her neck, too. How’s your uncles mattress ya freak of nature? I picked up your dad from work……….. in the baroom bathroom again; I picked up your dad for work……….. in the baroom bathroom again. Yea?- And your mom wants me to give her that meatloaf recipe, too; But, I am gonna have ta wait till the pool guys are done with her; and it’s really early in the morinin and all that….Tell your mom I need me some new slippers; She could put them next to the cereal this time. And by the way , tell your sisters friends to stop calling me for beer runs ok? The one that keeps calling – I wonder if the grease put HER on, I can’t tell? Your sister was trying to hook me up with that grease pit, but Eddie’s mutt beat me to it, and I am glad, too. Eddie still can’t get detached from her, grease and all, poor guy. And what’s with that skinny poindexter guy? He looks like he just took a lie detector test, Take a bath, man. He better not say one Spock quote….or Yoda, shit.; you people are afraid of clowns? – Say one piece of Gandalf in my house fuckers!-By the way your wife’s mattress is better than your mom’ s couch but, only your uncle is suppose ta know that. Ahh man, don’ t you ever clean the shower, I know you take one, cause of the shit stickin on the shower from you and your brother showerin together; I never saw anybody Gnaw out the bone of a ham like your Brother did that day, dude, no wonder why you guys shower together. I told your sister she had a cock mouth, and damned if she didn’t go and get her that chicken, eh? Next time we go to the strip club, please don’t ask your wife for her tips in front of everybody ok, jerk? I reviewed a restaurant in town recently- Your mom likes it- Tasty Burger 1301 Boylston Street, Boston, MA Google it-– Thanks for taking my Kids there too.


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