Hershey and Kisses’ First Litter

Big Boy- White/ Blonde

Big Boy- White/ Blonde

Chocolate Lab trait, like Dad

Chocolate Lab trait, like Dad

Hershey and Kisses

Looks Like Momma

Looks Like Momma

After all the wait and anxiety from my two Big Dogs- ‘Hershey Gravy’ and ‘Kisses Curly’- The mood around the house has been filled with , let’s say, the smell of dog coupling throughout the breezy winter, spring, and early morning dew. Our two very sneaky/ pacing, team of Labradors were wanting out all the time, instead of just one, always wanting to stay in; stained blankeys and supplies, like the couches floors and bedding; at the same time, we experienced unexpected dog porn scenes while watching ‘Gun-smoke’ episode S2-E3. Unfortunately, there is a down side with the loads of humor steaming in this blog, Our first Pup ‘Otto Gruber’, (or ‘rude dog’- for,’gruber’) (Dachshund) who lost his companion ‘Heidi Hilda’ (Resting- as posted ) was starting to challenge Hershey, and was attacked by both, ‘Hershey’ and ‘Kisses’ . This happened on a few occasions unexpectedly, and my Daughter had to take him in to her home, after a few weeks of recovery My grandson and Otto have always been best buddies, too. {(Read next story)I think Remy might just be a singer/vocalist in the waiting}. He is doing well with the exception of other family, friends and neighbors whining, trying to bargain ‘Otto’ to their homes; @ the same time the idle threats are reminding me from old band members that were remarking to ‘Otto’ that, he would be @ their house when my back was turned (get over it)- ‘Otto’ was any Rock Star’s Dream-dog, because it would freak our old Vocalist out while we were playing, and he was ‘vocalizing’ -that Otto would sit or stand right in front of him and watch the whole time- and as loud as he and the band was, ‘Otto’ was Hinckle’s best ‘pit’ fan. After going through a few songs you would think ‘Otto’ would have left, or was afraid- but, no, like the groupy/want to be-singer/drummer (why don’t bass players do this) he was there- right in front – and staring @ YOU…..after the set, it was Hinckle that had to leave….. I will be going through two carpet/couch cleanings (with one scheduled today as of post time EST), ripped Berber, pieces cardboard, toilet paper, rolls, now {(I need another case of ‘TP’) reminder}. I am practicing more and more on the words, “Ouch”, “NO”; phrases e.g. “Get away from there”, “Don’t chew that!” and sighing expressions of “Awwwww”….coupled with the, under the breath, release, “not again”…….Again…….. approximately and mathematically calculated x(11)(3y)times 3/24(7t)(11y) I am certain. (I need MIT for this one thing and where are they now?)Yes, up to the time that I will never forget because, I couldn’t help it, with ‘Kisses’, physically dropping the first puppy right where I have my morning coffee, and vying for a under- the -desk- whelping station, I knew I had to do something, like put her in the 35 dollars w/ tax and gas- baby pool we had planned….it took two puppies for ‘Kisses’ to understand that she could just go ahead and have them on ‘Hershey’s’ bed. I wanted to take another breath wondering how many she was going to have, or, in other words, basic math, with a waiting room and five or six hours counting to 11- which by the way, is a perfect ‘Rock Star’ number, too. ‘Hershey’ and ‘Kisses’ took it to the level only Rock Stars have to pay for in the custom shop ta get, and in Rock Star fashion- I am now the Cleaning man and biggest fan. Now who wants a puppy!? Expect the above, plus the next list of what to expect and give to a beautiful Labrador: abrasions, big butts, bites;bruises, clanging,clinging;clumsy,eating, feedings; fondling (I mean you);finding, grouping, growling; grinding,gashes,howling, hugging (puppy stage), I’s? (There is no ‘Team’ in the word “I” if you are married, and it’s supposed to be the other way around, and I still don’t know what she means by that, but, she got me with that one)’J’ for “Jonesing’ for a break, Plenty of Kisses…..do you see where I am getting @? I have freaking a list of ‘Qs’ and ‘X’s’ now ….to which by the other way is the way you pronounce ‘Eqquesz’ These puppies need the MOST of your time for @ least one whole YEAR, and if you are always on the road, out of the house, don’t have room for these dogs to run @ maximum speed and jumping radius’s….THESE DOGS ARE NOT FOR YOU. Recommends: Kissing your furniture, clean carpet, (cause ya won’t kiss the dirty) and sock and towels goodbye, before adopting. (and that is the fun part) By the time they are given your time and attention- You will never have a BETTER COMPANION- Hell, there are some people that you wouldn’t want to have to associate with THEM, go figure…Folks say this incident will probably happen more than 11 more time during our BIG Babies’s lives- What do you call me then, because just now I am a PUPAW, and my wife is the MUPAW…I think?



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